“Neutral” newspaper The Hindu, kills AgustaWestland story

thehinduReporters who proclaim to be neutral come under scrutiny while covering political scams. ED filed a supplementary charge sheet yesterday on AgustaWestland scam. The charge sheet allegedly mentioned names of Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi. According to reports carried by a news anchor known for breaking UPA-2 era scams, Christian Michel admitted how PM Manmohan Singh was pressured via senior Congress ministers to agree to the deal.

He decoded the acronyms in a diary recovered sometime back. AP stood for senior Congress leader and Sonia Gandhi’s top aide, “Ahmed Patel.” Fam refers to the Family (your guess is as good as mine). Italian lady whose son will be next PM was Sonia Gandhi.

This report should have been the news of the day and the breaking story. However left-wing newspapers and TV channels ignored it completely or downplayed it. This is why I like media channels that are openly right-wing or left-wing. Republic TV covered the report prominently. Other channels killed the story.

The Hindu and NDTV covered Rafale story sometime back, and I commend them for that. I never expected them to cover the Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel and Christian Michel story as it was damning for the Congress party. Prannoy Roy (NDTV) and N. Ram (The Hindu) are bhakts of Congress party and the Gandhi’s. Nothing wrong with that. I hope that they come out in the open and shed the garb of being “neutral.” The public is not stupid.

I have talked about this before, will again state that Arnab garner TRPs and respect because he wears his ideology on his arm instead of hiding behind fake “neutrality.” It’s time others did the same.

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